Why Should You Book With FlexBook?

unnamed-3What is FlexBook?

FlexBook is the industry leader in early check in and late check out hotel stay options. With FlexBook, guests can customize their hotel stays to meet their particular needs in an easy-to-navigate and convenient format. Hoteliers are able to maximize their hotel room occupancy, reducing the number of empty room and increasing their revenue.

For Guests


There’s nothing more important than convenience when it comes to travel. Whether you’re headed on a two-day business trip or a week-long family vacation, knowing you can rely on safe, affordable and accommodating hotels is key to your journey’s success.

FlexBook is committed to enhancing that experience for you by providing guaranteed early check in and late check out options on hundreds of your favorite hotels across the globe. FlexBook allows you to easily and quickly book hotel rooms that have available early check in and late check out times, with the option to choose one or the other— or both! No more anxiety over whether a hotel has time and space for a last minute early check in or late check out and no more wasting money purchasing extra nights to give yourself more time. Flights, nap schedules, business meetings and plain fun are no longer determined or disrupted by your hotel stay.

For Hoteliers


FlexBook provides your hotel the technology to ensure that your rooms are at maximum capacity at all times with no wasted time or money spent. With early check outs and late check ins, many hotel rooms often sit empty, but FlexBook checking options will make you more money and improve your occupancy rates.

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