Nothing matches the joy of jumping from one bar to another with a fantastic group of friends. ‘Bar hopping’ on a vibrant Friday night or relaxed Saturday evening is truly one of the best ways to celebrate that much awaited weekend. But why should one limit this hopping joy to bars alone? When you are looking out for some activities with your family – “park hopping” can be one interesting adventure. While exploring diverse parks in the city, you can experience the joy of spending quality time with family. A flex stay from FlexBook is the perfect pairing for park hopping. Park hopping can be your answer to a unique, yet fun-filled adventure, designed for the entire clan. Pack your favorite lunch, carry some games and you are all set for a picnic.

Though you can experience this fun inside a single park too, trip to 2-3 parks over a weekend getaway can turn into a unique activity for the entire family. Away from your hometown or neighborhood, while you shall embark on this unusual adventure, it can come across as a joyous mini-vacation. Move from one park to another and finally crash into the hotel bed for a relaxing sleep at the end of it all. Follow it up with more parks on the next day, before you return back with loads of wonderful memories in your family album.

When it comes to park hopping, you can spot any city on the map and plan the adventure, as every city has some famous and big parks to its credit. Cities such as Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Portland, Austin are quite famous for their park wonders.


To enjoy this activity over a mini-vacation of two days, you can go for a flexible stay option. Flexible booking with FlexBook infuses more flexibility to make the most of your schedule. Flex stays place the power in your hands that make it possible to enjoy a custom stay. Early check in or late check out can come handy while you make your travel plans.

Whether you opt for an early morning flight or early morning long drive, your custom hotel can arrange your room whenever you need it. This flexible booking option is particularly important when the entire family is involved. Long waiting hours at the hotel lobby with kids is the last thing you need while you look forward to a short vacation. With limited time and loads of adventurous activities in the park, one cannot afford to waste their time over mandatory check in times.

With flex stays, you can plan a quick weekend getaway to any of these cities. Call it extended, custom or a flexible stay, the underlying feature is unlimited fun, your way. With early check in and late check out, you can make the most of a short time. Such custom or flexible convenience may not be noticeable during a long vacation, but when one plans for a short holiday; it comes to the rescue. Custom stay is the latest trend to accommodate diverse schedules of the entire family.

Though you can pick any city for park hopping- New York City is particularly well-known for its parks. Huge parks between crowded and busy streets pose as unique icons of this happening city that never sleeps. Let us check what this city has to offer when it comes to ‘park hopping’.


The High Line

New York City definitely knows how to handle the problem of space-crunch. One visit to High Line will confirm this statement as it comes across as a park cutting through the city. Built over old and abundant railway tracks, the High Line flows into a continuous stretch of around 1.5 miles. At an elevated height above the ground surface, this park in Chelsea offers view of the busy city traffic on one side and tall skyscrapers on the other. It also offers excellent view of the Hudson River and the city skyline. Perfect spot for a relaxing stroll, High Line is home to several varieties of plants – succulent, flowering, exotic and local. Start the park hopping activity with this off-beat, yet energetic park to mark a fun-filled day.

Washington Square Park

If you watch movies or series based in the New York City, chances are you must have seen this iconic park at least once. As a well-known signature spot of the city, Washington Square Park is loved equally by tourists and local folks. A huge public park in Lower Manhattan, this garden has a relaxing ambiance to its credit. Famous among students and office-goers for a quick lunch during weekdays, Washington Square Park has several lawns and benches. Large water fountain at the center, artistic arch at the northern face and broad walking paths form the highlight of this park. An ideal spot for picnic lunch, Washington Square Park can pose as your afternoon spot in the hopping series.

Madison Square Park

View of the iconic Flatiron building and Madison square are the highlights of this park located in uptown Manhattan. Madison Square Park can be a perfect spot to click some beautiful pictures in the park hopping adventure. Signature skyscrapers and busy streets surround this park in the heart of the city. Enjoy the energy of the city and admire its beauty while sipping some coffee against the backdrop of sunset.

Central Park

You cannot go on a park hopping adventure in the New York City without saving some time for the famous Central Park. A huge 843 acre urban park in Manhattan, this spot requires one entire day to see it all. Great Lawn, The Lake, Bethesda fountain, Conservatory Garden, Strawberry fields, Shakespeare Garden are some of the interesting locations in the park. With numerous fun activities for the entire family, Central Park does not fail in its adventure quotient. Reserve a complete day for this park, while planning your itinerary.

Bryant Park, Riverside Park, Fort Washington, Columbus Park are some other contenders in the list. With so many interesting parks, New York City flex stay can be a perfect choice to extract maximum fun from ‘park hopping’. Browse Flexbook and pick a convenient flex stay option – LaGuardia Plaza Hotel, Row NYC or Stewart Hotel are great options for a flex style holiday!

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