Wouldn’t it be amazing to blend history, nature and leisure in a single vacation? Watching the wonders of historical milestones, while admiring the magnificent beauty of Mother Nature is the perfect way to spend some days off of your routine. That is exactly what this flexible vacation will help you achieve as you explore the gorgeous northeastern part of California. And while you enjoy these wonders of the Golden State, you can opt for a flex stay to make the most of this customized holiday. With flexible check in and check out through Flexbook, you can prepare your own itinerary.

All Aboard for Historic Treasures

Railways are an integral part of transportation. From the good, old times, as railways formed the backbone for transportation of goods and passengers, their value has simply increased with passing years. Though today’s modern times reflect major progress in the airway domain, railroads still form an integral core of the country. California’s railroad museums exhibit this rich treasure. Both these museums take their visitors on a walk down memory lane to depict the marching progress, year after year.

The California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento and Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in Jamestown, are both worth exploring. One hundred miles from Sacramento, Jamestown is a humble, little town nestled in Tuolumne County. With a flex stay in Sacramento, you can explore these museums followed by a visit to the famous Yosemite National Park. A magnificent natural wonder with giant sequoia trees, mighty waterfalls, and a deep valley, it’s extremely famous among tourists.  A two-hour drive from Sacramento or an hour from Jamestown, Yosemite is just a few hours away.

After long drive to the park and museums, a flex stay in Sacramento is the perfect choice for relaxation. This unique combination of history and nature can turn into a fun-filled weekend getaway. Best Western Sandman Motel or Best Western John Jay Inn can be two convenient choices for the flex stay. Enjoy a well-deserved sleep on a comfortable bed or soak up some fun from the swimming pool. Plan your own check-in and check-out times to bag maximum benefit for your family, after all vacation is all about fun!


California State Railroad Museum

This museum depicts the rich history of railways that connected the Golden State to the rest of the country. With over 225,000 square feet of space, the museum displays exhibits, railway tracks, locomotives and engines. Through an hour long train ride on the Polar Express, visitors can experience the joy of historical times. As the train runs along the Sacramento River, the journey turns into an exciting opportunity for the little kids.

After exploring the museum and enjoying the ride, you can shop for some railway books, toys, souvenirs and clothes too. You can even browse books from their rich library collection.

Railtown 1897 State Historic Park

This park in Jamestown depicts the historical line of Sierra Railway. With exhibits of the engine, rail car, motors and tracks, the museum has preserved its rich history in a wonderful way. There’s shopping at the store and exploring the exhibits. Visitors can enjoy a 6 mile return train ride on weekends. In addition, there are guided walking tours to learn more about this incredible project.

All the steam engines and railways are extremely enjoyable to little kids. Rail-based toys, books and games are some of the attractive features in the shops. With peaceful ambiance and slow-paced life, this place truly succeeds in transporting its visitors to the wonderful past.

Yosemite National Park

After enjoying the rich history of railways, head over to one of the most famous national parks in the country. Dense trees, elevated height, mesmerizing valleys and numerous trails form the highlights of this natural wonder. Nestled within the Sierra Nevada mountain ranges of California, Yosemite displays the strength of these tall mountains. Lace up your walking shoes and open your eyes and ears to the natural beauty all around you. If you are a nature lover with affection for water, mountains, trees and fresh air, this is a perfect spot for your senses. Though frequently visited by folks all around the year – spring and summer are the best seasons for this park. 

Book a flexible room at Sacramento and enjoy a novel historical-natural trip for a good break from the usual!

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