• By giving access to extended checking times, FlexBook allows you to book an overnight hotel room with check in sooner than 3pm and check out later than 11am the next day.
  • You can book overnight rooms in advance. No one will be left stranded during the day without a comfy room.



  • FlexBook saves you money with competitive pricing for overnight rooms with custom check in & check out.
  • No need to feel rushed! With custom check in/out times, there is no need to book extra nights in order to stay in your room for a little bit longer.



  • No more stress of traditional check in and check out times.  Now you can get more out of your leisure or business destinations.
  • Find the perfect space without needing to remind yourself of time constraints. Whether it be layovers or exploring a city, FlexBook makes time your ally!


With little restrictions, you can also use our sister brand www.hotelsbyday.com to seamlessly transititon into a dayroom if you’d like experience a short stay at a Hotel.